Hi there!

My name is Anjie (pronounced like “jum-anji”), and I’m a graphic designer and photographer based in Davis, California. Besides embarking on creative projects and making references to 90s children’s movies, I love picking up new hobbies, drinking tea, watching campy horror movies, and eating more candy than a grown adult really should.

I graduated with a BFA in photography from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and still miss the mountains (but not the rain). My whole life, I’ve loved making things. Whether it was baking, knitting, drawing or picture-taking, my passion was always in creating new things and the process behind it. For me, graphic design encompasses so much of what I love in its challenge to make something beautiful that can also communicate clearly - every project is like a puzzle to find the right elements to bring it all to life. As a photographer, that exploration comes in collaborating with my subjects and the environment, and expressing the whole story through pictures.

So, if you have a project in mind or just want to bounce around ideas, let’s talk!

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